Here’s our Finalists List 2018




Special Recognition Award - To be announced on awards night





Beth Ponsford & Snoop-Dawg 


Dave Wardell & Finn 


Sarah and Waffle


Robert Stuhldeer & Flora


Dr Amit Patel & Kika


Lifetime Achievement 


Caroline Gould – Vale Wildlife Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre 


Jenny Seagrove - Mane Chance Charity


Sue Schwar – South Essex Wildlife Hospital 


Roy Marriott  Animals In Need


Nigel Hicks & Sarah Hicks - Ovaid 


International Rescue Centre/Animal Charity


Wags 4 Hope


Big Reds Animal Retreat & Rescue


Wild at Heart Foundation


Centre of Hope Romania – Aurelian Stefan




Rescue Animal Of The Year UK


Tess Eagle Swan - Baron Kratu Von Bearbum


Vanessa Holbrow  Sir Jack Spratticus


Rachel Bentley – Therapy Dog Ted


Monique is Nerman – King Tommy


Alexandra Imber – Faith Romanian Rescue Dog ( Rehomed to the UK) 



UK Charity Of The Year 


Dogs on the Streets


Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care


Street Vet




Bumblebee Conservation Trust


Remembered Pet


Alyson Taylor-Gray – Sage


Nicola Love  Alaska / Princess Lasky


Julie Barratt – Henry


Sharon Lawrence – Arizona


Vet of the Year


Dr James Greenwood


Rory Cowlam


Hannah Capon


Emma Milne


Simon Hayes


Education Award


Canine Generated Independence CGI


Innovet- CPD 


PDSA Training Telford


Cats Matter


Pet First Aid


Veterinary Nurse Of The Year 


Rachel Bean




Ellie Tappenden


Rebecca Schofield 


Katie Pescott


Best Rescue UK


Suki’s Canine Rescue




Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital 




Hedgehog Bottom


Best Pet Related Business


Dog Furfriendly




Woof Woof Network


House of Henry


The Cosy Canine Company


Best Pet Blogger


Trina Cooper  Wag The Dog UK


Jane Davidson – PlanetRVN


Teresa Keohane – The Dog Vine


Catherine Pickles – Worzel Wooface


Abigail Cappleman – Girl With Her Dog 


Animal Hero/Enthusiast


Cindi McNeil Regan – Ruston Dog Rescue


Duncan McNair – STAE


Ben Standen – Four Paws Doggie Day Care


Annie Connolly – 


Melanie Tomlinson – The Sunshine Centre for Therapeutic Riding


Animal Behaviourist


Rik Moran – doggadogs


Kimberly Freeman – City Dog Expert


Luke Balsam – Luke’s Dog School


Rachel Rodgers – Dogs Trust Shropshire


Andrew Preston – Autism Dogs CIC





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