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IAPWA - International Aid For The Protection And Welfare Of Animals


Angels for the Innocent Foundation


Angels for the Innocent Foundation was created as a platform to bring together rescue ambassadors and charities from all over the globe in unison to stop cruelty to animals and save the planet. AFI’s Ambassadors help front and create both visual and stills campaigns, produce conservation films, TV campaigns, PR campaigns; fundraise and hold events; raise political awareness for the latest Animal Welfare and Environmental issues in the news and to also be on the ground physically rescuing and rehoming animals worldwide.


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The Isle of Wight Zoo is a well-established, popular wildlife centre based on the east coast of the Island.  Family owned for 40 years, it has recently become part of The Wildheart Trust, a charity which was founded to secure a long-term future for the zoo and enable it to fulfil its global ambitions to make a really meaningful impact on the health of the natural world while improving the well-being of animals in human care.

The zoo is dedicated to engaging, involving and empowering people from both the heart and the head – one of its most important tasks is to convert ‘care’ into ‘action’. It is also committed to providing a life-long, loving home to rescued big cats and other animal residents and the team work holistically to ensure each individual has an enriched and meaningful life.

The Wildheart Trust actively funds and donates its human resources to assist with the in-situ conservation of tigers (in India), lemurs (in Madagascar) and rare moths (IOW).

Charlotte Corney - Director



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