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The Wildheart Trust





The Wildheart Trust is committed to providing a life-long, loving home to big cats who have been rescued from desperate circumstances. This provides an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about, and take action for, the wider environment and the animals in our care.


All Dogs Matter




All Dogs matter are a registered dog rescue and rehoming charity based in Highgate,North London,established in 2009. Last year we managed to rescue and re-home over 450 dogs and we have rescued over 200 dogs so far this year.

We rescue unwanted/abandoned dogs from London and use a mix of foster homes and kennel spaces to house the dogs in our care.We also hold various events throughout the year to help raise funds and we work hard to promote rehoming and responsible dog ownership by doing talks and 'Doggy de-stress visits at businesss,Universities,schools and hospitals.



The Donkey Sanctuary 



The Donkey Sanctuary was founded in 1969 by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen, MBE. She dedicated her life to champion donkeys, and it is through her devotion that the Sanctuary grew to be the international charity it is today.

Sadly Dr Svendsen passed away in 2011 but her memory lives on in our work, as does her eternal motto that, in everything we do, donkeys will always come first, second and third.

During the last 45 years, we have made a profound difference to the lives of donkeys and people all over the world. This is down to the drive and belief of our wonderful Founder and all of our supporters for your devotion and continued support.

Renowned for our work with donkeys the world over, it is a little known fact that we also care for the largest collective group of mules (a donkey-horse hybrid) in England.


International Aid For The Protection and Welfare Of Animals




Founded in 2009 by Nicky Stevens, IAPWA is passionate about creating a better future for all animals.

Through our projects and partnerships, we provide veterinary care and support to thousands of dogs and cats every year. We also focus on education and working with the governing authorities to achieve long term change and greater protection for companion animals.

We work with other organisations who share our vision to end the dog meat trade and campaign for change through uniting animal lovers worldwide who want to use their voice and act to help animals in need. From our ‘Claws Out’ campaign against the canned hunting of lions to raising awareness of the plight of elephants and rhinos and our projects to support them on the ground, we strive to make a difference. With your help we can achieve change and together we can improve the welfare of animals worldwide.


The Badger Trust 




The National Federation of Badger Groups was formed in January 1986 and evolved into the Badger Trust in 2005. Over 25 years later, badgers across the UK are under threat more than ever before.

The Badger Trust exists to promote and enhance the welfare, conservation and protection of badgers, their setts, and their habitats for the public benefit.  We are the leading voice for badgers and represent and support around 60 local voluntary badger groups and thousands of supporters and followers. The Badger Trust provides expert advice on all badger issues and works closely with the government, police, and other conservation organisations.  We use all lawful means to campaign for the improved protection of badgers and are a member of Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW) and Wildlife and Countryside Link.

The biggest threats to modern badgers are road traffic accidents, government sanctioned culling, wildlife crimes, developments, and habitat loss. At the Badger Trust, we provide outreach and education opportunities to schools, training to police forces and local groups, government outreach, support to local groups, press coverage on local and national levels, and drive national level campaigns to educate the public on issues effecting badgers and their habitats.



The Cat and Rabbit Rescue 







The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre was founded in 1986 to Rescue and Rehome Cats, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

Since our humble beginnings when we just had 1 outbuilding, an old caravan and 6 rabbit hutches, we have rescued over 10,000 animals and now have...

  • 51 cat pens in our 6,000 sq ft. rehoming and veterinary centre
  • 30 indoor rabbit and guinea pig pens
  • over 20 outside rabbit runs
  • 7 rabbit compounds



Angels for the Innocent is a non-profit organisation created to raise awareness for both animal and environmental causes all over the world and to unite animal ambassadors together in their shared work towards alleviating animal suffering.


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