Charities We Have Supported Since 2018

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Charities we’ve donated to since 2018

We've donated over £5000 since 2018 to various charities that we've chosen to support.

Since the awards launched in 2016 we've donated over £5000 to supported charities. Something We are extremely proud of.

Supported Charity Definition 

Supported Charities are chosen each year by the awards founder. The definition of Supported Charity means the following: 


A) The Animal Star Awards will promote the chosen supported charities via their website & social media platforms.

2) The Animal Star Awards does not guarantee financial aid to any of the supported charities.

3) However proceeds from online fundraisers, raffles will be donated to said supported charities if relevant.

4) The Animal Star Awards is happy to share any online fundraising campaigns that are being run by supported charities but is not responsible for the outcome If fundraising targets are not reached.

All donations are accepted

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